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  • SEVERSTAL Cherepovez / Russia

        Technical assessment of Converter steel plant



        Elaboration of Tender documents for New Steel plant


  • SEVERSTAL Balakovo / Russia

        Technical assessment of EAF steel plant



        Review of Layout and Process equipment and Capacity expansion


  • Myanmar

         Assessment of Business plan for Integrated Iron & Steel production


  • Northwestern Europe

        Technological calculations for continuous Tandem Cold Mill


  • MECHEL / Russia

        Assessment of testing/inspection line of the Rail Mill


  •  Germany

Technical consulting for the productivity of a batch type tandem cold rolling mill


  • SABA / Iran

 Market Study for the development of the product mix for a downstream expansion project


  • CERI / China

Project Management Support for steel plant project in Iran


  • CERI / China

 Assessment of Electric Arc Furnace Technology



         Production and Environmental Masterplan of the Steel making plant





  • Fives dms, Seclin / France

Technical consulting for roll contour optimization


  • Evraz Inc. NA, Rocky Mountain Steel, Pueblo / USA

       Furnace Check-up and Technical Assistance Project


  • Steelmaking Group / USA

Assistance in the evaluation of the use of alternative feed mixes into the EAF


  • Central Europe

Assistance in the design of feeding alternative material to an EAF


  • Middle East

Technical assistance for EAF; Improvement of operational settings for burner and transformer


  • Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH / Germany

Technology consulting and Equipment design review for Continuous Tandem Cold Rolling Mill


  • Central Europe

Technology benchmarking and Development consulting for Rolling Mills and

commissioning support for Aluminium Hot Strip Mill


  • MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited / China

Assistance in the elaboration of a technical specification





  • Industry & Energy IDOM Ingenieria y Consultoria S.A. / Spain 

Assistance in Technological Offer Evaluation for AQS Project


  • MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited / China

Manual, Training & Implementation for Cost Control, Project Calculation, Cost Accounting and Reporting

  • Khayyat Group / K.S.A. 

Feasibility Study & Basic Concept for a new Melt Shop and Rolling Mills


  • MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited / China

Manual, Training & Implementation for Project- & Site Management, Risk Management and Contract Management


  • voestalpine Stahl Donawitz / Austria

Sales Activities for used wire rod mill


  • OVAKO Bar AB / Sweden

Project Management Support for Erection and Commissioning of CCM





  • Qatar Steel Company (Q.S.C.) / State of Qatar

Project Management Support

  • MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited / China

Market Study

  • GROOT STEEL Pty Ltd. / Namibia

Feasibility Study for long product mini mill


  • voestalpine Stahl Donawitz / Austria

Preparation of sales prospect for wire rod mill






Development Strategy for TIMKEN Steelmaking Plants 

  • NANOMETAL / Mongolia

Feasibility Study 


  • CSN / Brazil 

Study to improve Efficiency and Productivity of Volta Redonda BOF Steel Making Plant 


  • Emirates Steel Industries, DBI (Deutsche Bahn International / U.A.E.) 

Logistics Study 



Technical & Commercial Project Evaluation and Project Management Consultancy 


  • EVRAZ - NTMK / Russian Federation 

Tender Specifications and Offer evaluation of NTMK Expansion Project





  • EVRAZ – ZAPSIB / Russian Federation

Study of Production increase of ZSMK Steel Making Plant up to 10 MTPA


  • EVRAZ – NKMK / Russian Federation

Project Assessment and Project Management Assistance Rail Rolling Mill Project


  • SEZA (Mass Global) / Iraq

Project Management support, Time Scheduling and Project simulation





  • EVRAZ – NTMK / Russian Federation

Assessment of the Converter Steel Making Process

Extension of converter lining lifetime


  • EVRAZ – ZAPSIB / Russian Federation

Improvement of Steel Making Process for Melt Shop No. 1 and 2

  • AbulKhair Group / Bangladesh

Technical negotiation support, Engineering review


  • Parco Group / Nigeria

Management support, Operation optimization, Start-Up support for new Melt Shop





  • Arabian Steel / Bahrain

Tender Specification for Mini Mill


  • National Port Said Steel / Egypt

Improvement Study for Rolling Mill and Project Evaluation Services Rebar Rolling Mill


  • Al Tanmiyah Steel / Jordan

Electric Power distribution study on Mini Mill for Iraq


  • South Steel / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Engineering review and Project Management


  • Trans Danube Industries / Romania

Technical & Commercial Negotiation with Technologies Supplier, overall Project and Procurement Management


  • Al Atoun Steel / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Project Supervision, Engineering review of complete Mini Mill





  • CSH (CompañíaSiderúrgicaHuachipato) / Chile

Integrated Steel Mill, Study for Capacity Increase; Tender Specification BOF and CCM


  • Jindal, Baytown / USA

Fact finding Mission Plate and Pipe Mill


  • KremikovtziAD / Bulgaria

Evaluation of the future Potential


  • Vorskla Steel / Ukraine

Tender Specification Turn Key Steel Shop


  • Vorskla Steel / Ukraine

Technical Assessment of Bar Mill Dansk Steel; Commercial Negotiation support


  • SPEC (Saint Petersburg Electro-technicalCompany) / Russian Federation

Marketing Support for Automation 


  • ORMIS / Italy 

Revamping of LucchiniPiombino Bloom Caster 


  • COSJCO / Jordan

Engineering review of EAF revamping


  • ESISCO II / Egypt 

Engineering review of new Melt Shop, Layout Logistics and Liaison Office


  • AbulKhair Group / Bangladesh 

Technical negotiation support, Engineering review 


  • DDS / Denmark 

Plant assessment for strategic Investor





  • DCM Austria, ICT Russian Federation 

Revitalization and Modernization of Chrome Mine and Smelter DARFO, Albania 


  • Al Atoun Steel Industries / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Project Supervision for Implementation of new EAF Steel Mill 


  • Severstal / Russian Federation 

Operational Assistance for Cherepovets Slab Caster 


  • DCM / Austria 

Advisor for Business Development 


  • ASCOMETAL / France 

Tender Evaluation for Bloom Caster 


  • BAKRIE & BROTHERS / Indonesia 

Market and Feasibility Study for Integrated Compact Plate Mill 


  • VorsklaSteel / Ukraine 

Technical Assessment of Steel Shop DANSCAN Steel 


  • SSIM / Slovakia 

Project Management, Implementation co-ordination, Engineering review and Layout Logistics 


  • Modern Steel Mills / Oman 

Plant improvement and Logistics Study for existing Melt Shop 


  • United Gulf Steel / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Project Evaluation & Implementation for complete Melt Shop incl. Engineering activities on Balance of Plant


  • Aziz Company / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Project Evaluation & Implementation for complete Mini Mill 


  • Ascometal / France 

Project Evaluation of special Steel Bloom Caster for Melt Shop expansion 


  • Euro Finance Holding / Ukraine 

Project Evaluation for new Mini Mill 





  • Severstal/ Russian Federation 

Project Management Manual Development 


  • KOCKS / Germany 

Study Conversion cost of SBQ-Rolling Mills 


  • Marubeni / Japan 

Study of Heat Recovery Technology (Cokery Plant) in Turkey; Study of new Coking Plant in Republic of Korea 


  • LUCCHINI Group / Italy 

Technical Assistance for cost reduction of Piombino BOF Melt Shop 


  • DCM Austria, ICT Russian Federation 

Advisor for Acquisition of DARFO Chrome Mine and Smelter 


  • ACE / Bahrain 

Technical and Feasibility Study DRI and Billet Plant  


  • Severstal North America / USA 

Development of Project Management Manual  


  • ASCOMETAL / France 

Technical Consulting of Hagondange Bar Mill Revamping 


  • voestalpine / Austria 

Market Study for Iron & Steel in Brazil





  •  Severstal/ Russian Federation 

Advisor for Acquisition of LucchiniGroup  


  • EVRAZ Holding / Russian Federation (2001 – 2005) 

Strategic Advisory Services 


  • DCM / Austria 

Advisor for Chiartura Manganese Ore Mine 


  • LUCCHINI Group / Italy 

Technical Advisory for production increase of Piombino BOF Steel Making Plant 


  • Severstal / Russian Federation 

Advisory Services for strategic Management and Technology 





  • A-TEC Industries / Austria 

Advisor for acquisition of BabcokBorsigEspaña 


  • OUTOKUMP / Sweden 

Finite Element Study Avesta Casting Bow 


  • TURBOSIDER / Italy 

Marketing Study for Guard Rails in Russian Federation 


  • voestalpine / Austria 

Coke Strategy 


  • voestalpine / Austria 

Marketing Study for Guard Rails in Section in Russian Federation


  • voestalpine / Austria

Joint Venture for Tube and Profile Production in Russian Federation





  • Colakoglu/ Turkey

Tender Specification and Bid Evaluation of Gebze 02-Strand Continuous Slab Caster


  • GALVEX Estonia OUE / Estonia

Evaluation of Production, Product Quality and Availability of Tallinn Hot Dip Galvanizing Line


  • US Steel / Slovakia

SWOT Analysis of Huta Katowice and HutaSendzimira in Poland


  • OMZ / Russian Federation

Marketing Support





  • US Steel / Slovakia

Modernization Study for HutaSendzimira 1700 mm Hot Strip Mill, Poland 


  • OMZ / Russian Federation

Elaboration of Project Management Manual





  • EVRAZ / Russian Federation

         Strategic Advisor to EVRAZ Holding