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  • Tuwairqi Steel Mill / Pakistan
    Bankable Feasibility Study - Expansion of Iron- and Steelmaking Plant

  • METINVEST / Ukraine
    Technical Due Diligence of 2 Steel Service Centers (Quarto Plates), Central Europe

  • NLMK / Russia
    BOF Process Improvement Study

  • Confidential Client, Middle East - North Africa
    Pre-Feasibility Study - Greenfield Investment for Electric Steelmaking Shop (EAF+SecMet+CCM)

  • voestalpine Donawitz, Austria
    Technical Concept Study for Reduction of CO2 Emissions in the steelmaking area

  • Confidential Client, Middle East - North Africa
    Landplot Decision Study - Greenfield Investment for Minimill






  • ILVA S.P.A Taranto Work / Italy
    Masterplan for the restructuring of the entire production complex

  • MIFERSO - Senegal
    Feasibility Study – Full Integrated Plant Complex (from Mining to Finished Steel Production)





  • EVRAZ NTMK / Russia
    Operational Improvement Program and Logistic Optimization – BOF Steelplant

  • Government of Uzbekistan
    Bankable Feasibility Study – Full Integrated Plant Complex (from Mining to Finished Steel Production)

  • CERI / China
    Project Management Assistance, Specific Technology Support EAF Technology

  • Confidential Client, Central Europe
    Market Study for Flat Product Sector, Plant Evaluation, Bankable Feasibility Study for Development of Strategic Joint Venture

  • voestalpine Donawitz, Austria
    Technical Study Steelwork (BOF --> EAF)

  • Kuwait Steel United, Kuwait
    Marketing Study





  • SSAB / Sweden
    Technical Study for New Process Route (BOF --> EAF)

  • METINVEST / Ukraine
    Layout Development and Logistic Analysis of New Converter Shop

  • METINVEST / Ukraine
    Due Diligence Assessment of potential steel plant complex acquisitions (CZ, HUN, POL)

    Operational and technical assistance (Sinter Plant)


 Engineering Services for Hot DRI charging system


  • METINVEST / Ukraine
    Due Diligence Assessment of potential steel plant complex acquisitions (ROM, ITA, MKD)


    Operational and technical assistance (Continuous Casting Machine)

  • CAP ACERO / Chile
    BOF Technology Training and Seminar


  • MIBA AG / Austria
    Development of Engineering Tool for Bearing Design





    Operational and technical assistance (Ore preparation plant, Blast Furnace, Converter steel plant)


Technical assessment of Primary steel making (Sinter plant, Blast furnace and Converter steel plant)


    Bid evaluation for Wire rod mill

  • ARCO STEEL / Egypt
    Technical assessment of EAF Steel plant and Rolling mill for special steel

  • MASS GROUP / Iraq
    Bid evaluation of DRI plant

  • PISHGAMAN / Iran
    Project management support for CranesforKhouzestan Steel meltshop





  • SEVERSTAL Cherepovez / Russia

        Technical assessment of Converter steel plant



        Elaboration of Tender documents for New Steel plant


  • SEVERSTAL Balakovo / Russia

        Technical assessment of EAF steel plant



        Review of Layout and Process equipment and Capacity expansion


  • Myanmar

         Assessment of Business plan for Integrated Iron & Steel production


  • Northwestern Europe

        Technological calculations for continuous Tandem Cold Mill


  • MECHEL / Russia

        Assessment of testing/inspection line of the Rail Mill


  •  Germany

Technical consulting for the productivity of a batch type tandem cold rolling mill


  • SABA / Iran

 Market Study for the development of the product mix for a downstream expansion project


  • CERI / China

Project Management Support for steel plant project in Iran


  • CERI / China

 Assessment of Electric Arc Furnace Technology



         Production and Environmental Masterplan of the Steel making plant





  • Fives dms, Seclin / France

Technical consulting for roll contour optimization


  • Evraz Inc. NA, Rocky Mountain Steel, Pueblo / USA

       Furnace Check-up and Technical Assistance Project


  • Steelmaking Group / USA

Assistance in the evaluation of the use of alternative feed mixes into the EAF


  • Central Europe

Assistance in the design of feeding alternative material to an EAF


  • Middle East

Technical assistance for EAF; Improvement of operational settings for burner and transformer


  • Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH / Germany

Technology consulting and Equipment design review for Continuous Tandem Cold Rolling Mill


  • Central Europe

Technology benchmarking and Development consulting for Rolling Mills and

commissioning support for Aluminium Hot Strip Mill


  • MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited / China

Assistance in the elaboration of a technical specification





  • Industry & Energy IDOM Ingenieria y Consultoria S.A. / Spain 

Assistance in Technological Offer Evaluation for AQS Project


  • MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited / China

Manual, Training & Implementation for Cost Control, Project Calculation, Cost Accounting and Reporting

  • Khayyat Group / K.S.A. 

Feasibility Study & Basic Concept for a new Melt Shop and Rolling Mills


  • MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited / China

Manual, Training & Implementation for Project- & Site Management, Risk Management and Contract Management


  • voestalpine Stahl Donawitz / Austria

Sales Activities for used wire rod mill


  • OVAKO Bar AB / Sweden

Project Management Support for Erection and Commissioning of CCM





  • Qatar Steel Company (Q.S.C.) / State of Qatar

Project Management Support

  • MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited / China

Market Study

  • GROOT STEEL Pty Ltd. / Namibia

Feasibility Study for long product mini mill


  • voestalpine Stahl Donawitz / Austria

Preparation of sales prospect for wire rod mill






Development Strategy for TIMKEN Steelmaking Plants 

  • NANOMETAL / Mongolia

Feasibility Study 


  • CSN / Brazil 

Study to improve Efficiency and Productivity of Volta Redonda BOF Steel Making Plant 


  • Emirates Steel Industries, DBI (Deutsche Bahn International / U.A.E.) 

Logistics Study 



Technical & Commercial Project Evaluation and Project Management Consultancy 


  • EVRAZ - NTMK / Russian Federation 

Tender Specifications and Offer evaluation of NTMK Expansion Project





  • EVRAZ – ZAPSIB / Russian Federation

Study of Production increase of ZSMK Steel Making Plant up to 10 MTPA


  • EVRAZ – NKMK / Russian Federation

Project Assessment and Project Management Assistance Rail Rolling Mill Project


  • SEZA (Mass Global) / Iraq

Project Management support, Time Scheduling and Project simulation





  • EVRAZ – NTMK / Russian Federation

Assessment of the Converter Steel Making Process

Extension of converter lining lifetime


  • EVRAZ – ZAPSIB / Russian Federation

Improvement of Steel Making Process for Melt Shop No. 1 and 2

  • AbulKhair Group / Bangladesh

Technical negotiation support, Engineering review


  • Parco Group / Nigeria

Management support, Operation optimization, Start-Up support for new Melt Shop





  • Arabian Steel / Bahrain

Tender Specification for Mini Mill


  • National Port Said Steel / Egypt

Improvement Study for Rolling Mill and Project Evaluation Services Rebar Rolling Mill


  • Al Tanmiyah Steel / Jordan

Electric Power distribution study on Mini Mill for Iraq


  • South Steel / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Engineering review and Project Management


  • Trans Danube Industries / Romania

Technical & Commercial Negotiation with Technologies Supplier, overall Project and Procurement Management


  • Al Atoun Steel / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Project Supervision, Engineering review of complete Mini Mill





  • CSH (CompañíaSiderúrgicaHuachipato) / Chile

Integrated Steel Mill, Study for Capacity Increase; Tender Specification BOF and CCM


  • Jindal, Baytown / USA

Fact finding Mission Plate and Pipe Mill


  • KremikovtziAD / Bulgaria

Evaluation of the future Potential


  • Vorskla Steel / Ukraine

Tender Specification Turn Key Steel Shop


  • Vorskla Steel / Ukraine

Technical Assessment of Bar Mill Dansk Steel; Commercial Negotiation support


  • SPEC (Saint Petersburg Electro-technicalCompany) / Russian Federation

Marketing Support for Automation 


  • ORMIS / Italy 

Revamping of LucchiniPiombino Bloom Caster 


  • COSJCO / Jordan

Engineering review of EAF revamping


  • ESISCO II / Egypt 

Engineering review of new Melt Shop, Layout Logistics and Liaison Office


  • AbulKhair Group / Bangladesh 

Technical negotiation support, Engineering review 


  • DDS / Denmark 

Plant assessment for strategic Investor





  • DCM Austria, ICT Russian Federation 

Revitalization and Modernization of Chrome Mine and Smelter DARFO, Albania 


  • Al Atoun Steel Industries / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Project Supervision for Implementation of new EAF Steel Mill 


  • Severstal / Russian Federation 

Operational Assistance for Cherepovets Slab Caster 


  • DCM / Austria 

Advisor for Business Development 


  • ASCOMETAL / France 

Tender Evaluation for Bloom Caster 


  • BAKRIE & BROTHERS / Indonesia 

Market and Feasibility Study for Integrated Compact Plate Mill 


  • VorsklaSteel / Ukraine 

Technical Assessment of Steel Shop DANSCAN Steel 


  • SSIM / Slovakia 

Project Management, Implementation co-ordination, Engineering review and Layout Logistics 


  • Modern Steel Mills / Oman 

Plant improvement and Logistics Study for existing Melt Shop 


  • United Gulf Steel / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Project Evaluation & Implementation for complete Melt Shop incl. Engineering activities on Balance of Plant


  • Aziz Company / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Project Evaluation & Implementation for complete Mini Mill 


  • Ascometal / France 

Project Evaluation of special Steel Bloom Caster for Melt Shop expansion 


  • Euro Finance Holding / Ukraine 

Project Evaluation for new Mini Mill 




  • Severstal/ Russian Federation 

Project Management Manual Development 


  • KOCKS / Germany 

Study Conversion cost of SBQ-Rolling Mills 


  • Marubeni / Japan 

Study of Heat Recovery Technology (Cokery Plant) in Turkey; Study of new Coking Plant in Republic of Korea 


  • LUCCHINI Group / Italy 

Technical Assistance for cost reduction of Piombino BOF Melt Shop 


  • DCM Austria, ICT Russian Federation 

Advisor for Acquisition of DARFO Chrome Mine and Smelter 


  • ACE / Bahrain 

Technical and Feasibility Study DRI and Billet Plant  


  • Severstal North America / USA 

Development of Project Management Manual  


  • ASCOMETAL / France 

Technical Consulting of Hagondange Bar Mill Revamping 


  • voestalpine / Austria 

Market Study for Iron & Steel in Brazil





  •  Severstal/ Russian Federation 

Advisor for Acquisition of LucchiniGroup  


  • EVRAZ Holding / Russian Federation (2001 – 2005) 

Strategic Advisory Services 


  • DCM / Austria 

Advisor for Chiartura Manganese Ore Mine 


  • LUCCHINI Group / Italy 

Technical Advisory for production increase of Piombino BOF Steel Making Plant 


  • Severstal / Russian Federation 

Advisory Services for strategic Management and Technology 





  • A-TEC Industries / Austria 

Advisor for acquisition of BabcokBorsigEspaña 


  • OUTOKUMP / Sweden 

Finite Element Study Avesta Casting Bow 


  • TURBOSIDER / Italy 

Marketing Study for Guard Rails in Russian Federation 


  • voestalpine / Austria 

Coke Strategy 


  • voestalpine / Austria 

Marketing Study for Guard Rails in Section in Russian Federation


  • voestalpine / Austria

Joint Venture for Tube and Profile Production in Russian Federation





  • Colakoglu/ Turkey

Tender Specification and Bid Evaluation of Gebze 02-Strand Continuous Slab Caster


  • GALVEX Estonia OUE / Estonia

Evaluation of Production, Product Quality and Availability of Tallinn Hot Dip Galvanizing Line


  • US Steel / Slovakia

SWOT Analysis of Huta Katowice and HutaSendzimira in Poland


  • OMZ / Russian Federation

Marketing Support





  • US Steel / Slovakia

Modernization Study for HutaSendzimira 1700 mm Hot Strip Mill, Poland 


  • OMZ / Russian Federation

Elaboration of Project Management Manual





  • EVRAZ / Russian Federation

         Strategic Advisor to EVRAZ Holding